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Lakeview Farm

Family-Friendly Cattle Farm


About us

Welcome to Lakeview Farm, where our priority is to provide you with quality beef that you can feel good about. We sell beef by the 1/4,  1/2 or whole, meaning you can stock up on delicious grain-fed beef that is sure to satisfy!


Farm Products

At Lakeview Farm, we are passionate about providing our customers with the best beef available. Our family-owned business has been selling high-quality beef for years, and we take pride in raising our cattle on our own farm. We believe that happy and healthy animals make for better quality beef. Our beef is free from hormones, antibiotics and steroids and is only fed a healthy diet of  grain. Taste the difference in our beef today!


Our Uncompromising Standards

We understand that flavor, texture, and overall quality are crucial factors when it comes to purchasing beef. This is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards throughout every step of the beef production process.

Call or email us today to place your order!

Direct from Farm to Table

We believe in connecting with our customers and fostering a relationship that goes beyond just selling beef. By offering our products directly from our farm to your table,  You can have peace of mind knowing exactly where your beef comes from and how it was raised.

804-514-6229 Lee Johnson

804-510-9693 Katlin Clark



Lakeview Fishing

We also offer fishing along with a nice gateway waterfront stay!


what we offer

 We are your one-stop shop for all your fishing needs. We will provide your boat, motor, and life preserver we are committed to providing you with everything you need to make your next fishing adventure amazing.

What do we provide?




We offer a single wide John boat that measures 12-14 feet in length.


Boat Motor

We offer you a 12-volt trolling motor.


Life preserver

We offer you a personal flotation device.

At Lakeview, we take the catch-and-release program very seriously. If you catch a fish, it is mandatory that you take a quick photo and weigh it if necessary. After that, we expect you to respectfully return the fish to the water so that other anglers can have the same opportunity. Please note that fishing here costs $60 per angler, and children aged 12 and under can fish for free accompanied by an adult.

Come fish with us today!
To book email or call 
804-514-6229 - Lee Johnson
804-510-9693 - Katlin Clark

Please be advised that our policy mandates full payment at the time of booking and strictly prohibits cancellations. We do, however, allow a one-time rescheduling provided that you notify us at least 72 hours in advance. It is important to note that possession of a Virginia freshwater fishing license is required to participate.

Discover the ultimate fishing experience at Lakeview Farms with our incredible trophy catches! Catch your biggest and most impressive fish yet and create unforgettable memories. Come and experience the thrill of the catch at Lakeview Farms today!

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